Baskets of Blessings

Autumn is in full force everywhere you look, painting the mountainsides with vibrant color as Mother Nature prepares for the change of season. Farmers get ready for the slow slide of fall into winter by reaping what was sown in the spring, celebrating the bounty of their fields.

We, too, at the college celebrate our own basket of blessings provided by our generous friends, foundations, partners, and employees, not just at this time of year, but all year long. Much like a spring planting, donations supporting our students help them grow, bloom, and ultimately prosper and hopefully sow the seeds of success in their community.

Thank you to the following donors who contributed to scholarships during the third quarter of 2017:

• Rocky Mountain Power Foundation – $4,000

• Jessie Jean’s Homestyle Café – $2,000

For questions regarding any of these contributions or interest in investing in success, please contact Monica Schwenk, development director, [email protected], 801.395.3781.

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