NASA Scholarship Awards

The Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium offered a $500 cash stipend to assist students enrolled in programs that support the aerospace industry.  We are pleased that we offer programs here at the Ogden-Weber Tech College which relate to the work that goes on in aerospace.

Criteria was based on a student’s attendance, progress and career objective. I am pleased to award this scholarship to:

Andrea Hughes: Andrea spent her early twenties in the USAF. After her military service, she spent an enormous amount of time overseas since her husband is also in the military. She said that although she had attended college, she wasn’t fully committed. Her “aha” moment came when she was driving down the street and saw the Ogden-Weber Technical College sign shouting at her: “NDI Program – Enroll now”! So the very next day, she visited the college and enrolled.
She said she had a novice understanding of the scope of work involved with NDI, but she was excited and determined this would be her future career path. Over the last three months, her confidence has skyrocketed, and she is looking forward to receiving her certificate and finding a job in the industry. She said it is a perfect fit!
As a student, her overall progress is 143% and her attendance is 89%. She is excelling in the program and looks forward to using her skills in the industry.

Jan Burton presents award

Jan Burton, Financial Aid Manager; James Taggart, president; Andrea Hughes, award recipient

Pamela Titensor: Pamela is a single mom with two children. She wants to get the training in a field that she know will support her family. She is struggling to make ends meet. She is attending school full-time and working doing odd jobs so she can get through the program.
She wants to complete her certificate in the NDI program and is doing well. Her overall progress is 100% and her attendance is 89% overall. She is looking forward to using her skills in a job working on a military base or in the aerospace industry.
She said she is excited to be able to use her skills to no longer live in poverty and prove to her children that you can succeed and make your dreams come true!

Pamela Titensor recieves award

Jan Burton, Financial Aid Manager; Pamela Titensor, award recipient; and Andrea Hughes, award recipient.

Dillon O’Dell: Dillon has excelled in the Software Development program. Since he was young, he has always wanted to become a programmer. He has fought hard to find a way to get an education. Last year, he had hit a financial rough patch, and decided to try and return to school when he found out he qualified for some grant money to assist him financially.
Dillon started in the summer of 2017, and he because he loves it so much and “it makes sense to him”, he will be completing this program in half the time! His attendance is overall 96% and his progress is at 198%.
This stipend will help Dillon take some additional courses when he completes his certificate so he will be ready to go out in the workforce.

Dillon O'Dell recieves award

David Everton, Software Development Instructor; Roger Snow, Vice President for Instructional Services; Jan Burton, Financial Aid Manager; James Taggart, President; Dillon O’Dell, Award Recipient; Tyler Call, Vice President for College Services; Jennifer Streker, Program Director; Chad Burchell, Vice President for Student Services.

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