Summertime Memories

A young girl writing in a notebook

As summer winds down, what will you remember most?

The ocean breeze ruffling your hair while on family vacation?

The sharp crack of a bat and the smell of hot dogs at a baseball game?

Chasing fireflies during that magical moment between dusk and full dark?

Our students will remember the generous people that donated to their scholarship fund this summer. Large or small, every single donation is important to the people we serve.

Summer warmth will fade to fall, but memories of your support and encouragement will last forever.


Thank you to the following donors contributing to scholarships during the second quarter of 2017:

  • Chamber Women in Business – $1,000
  • Child Culture Club – $20
  • Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation – $10,000
  • McCarthey Family Foundation – $5,000
  • Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association – $1,000
  • Sigma Delta Pi SAE – $7,500
  • Stewart Charitable Foundations – $7,000
  • Wells Fargo Bank – Community Relations – $3,000


For questions regarding any of these contributions or interest in investing in success, please contact Monica Schwenk, development director, [email protected], 801.395.3781.

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